Lever Bicep Curl

Lever Dip Machine

Preacher Curl Bench

Seated Tricep Extension

Tricep Extension Station


45 Degree Hyper Extension

Chest Pad Row

Iso Lateral Raise

Iso. Lever Lat Pulldown

Lat Pulldown

Lever Deadlift & Shrug

Lever DY Row

Lever High Lat Pulldown

Lever Single Arm Row

Mid Back Row

Seated Lat Pulley Row

Benches & Abs

Adjustable Bench

Dual Gladiator Twist

Left Hand Gladiator Twist

Plate Loaded Ab Crunch Bench

Right Hand Gladiator Twist

Chest & Shoulders

45 Degree Pec Deck

Bench Shoulder Press Stack

Lever Decline Chest Press

Lever Narrow Chest Press

Lever Narrow Shoulder Press

Lever Wide Chest Press

Lever Wide Shoulder Press

Olympic Bench Press

Olympic Decline Bench Press

Olympic Inclne Bench Press

Pec Dec

Pec Fly

Super Incline Chest Press

Vertical Bench Press


45 Degree hack Squat

45 Degree Leg Press

Front Squat

Hip Abduction

Hip Adduction

Hip Flexor

Leg Extension

Lever Leg Curl

Lever Leg Extension

Lever Leg Press

Lying Leg Curl

Power Rack

Recumbent Lever Leg Press

Seated Calf Raise

Seated Single Leg Press

Single Leg Curl

V Squat

Multiple Areas / Misc

3D Smith machine

Assisted Chin & Dip Machine

Cable Crossover

Disabled Multi-Gym Station

Hanging Leg Raiser Chins & Dips

Jones Machine

Multi Rig

Power Cage

Power Squat Cage

Smith Machine

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